Chapters for Fairness in Educational and Psychological Testing

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Chapters for Fairness in Educational and Psychological Testing

Introduction: Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Fairness Standards, Issues, and Solutions Across Professional Fields in Education and Psychology

Chapter 1: The History of Bias Assessment in Educational and Psychological Testing

Chapter 2: Broadening the Reach of the Fairness Standards

Chapter 3: Do Standards Promote Fairness and Legitimacy in the Changing Marketplace for Testing?

Chapter 4: Aligning Fairness Assessment With Ensuring Fair Contests for  Motivated Test Taker

Chapter 5: Doing Justice to Fairness

Chapter 6: Fairness in Testing: Accessibility in a New Educational Context

Chapter 7: Fairness Concerns Resulting From Innovations and  Applications of Technology to Assessment

Chapter 8: Fairness in Technology-Enhanced Selection Assessments in  Employment Settings

Chapter 9: Key Concerns About Fairness in Testing: Applications of Best Practice in the  Development of Large-Scale Achievement Tests

Chapter 10: Scoring: The Next Frontier of Fairness and Accessibility for Digital Assessments

Chapter 11: The Flynn Effect and Decision Making in Education: Addressing Fairness Concerns

Chapter 12: Fairness in Testing: Designing, Using, and Evaluating  Test Accommodations for English Learners

Chapter 13: Theoretical, Empirical, and Practical Issues in Testing English Learners

Chapter 14: Fairness and Test Adaptations for Students With Functional Impairments

Chapter 15: Depression and Latinx Adults: A Call for Cultural and Language  Fairness in Mental Health Assessment

Chapter 16: Integrating Cultural Considerations and Fairness in Psychological Assessment

Conclusion: Looking Forward: Cross-Cutting Themes for the Future of Fairness in Testing