Chapters for Handbook of Research on Teaching (Fifth Edition)

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Chapters for Handbook of Research on Teaching (Fifth Edition)

Chapter 1: Thinking Philosophically About Teaching

Chapter 2: In Search of a Grand Narrative: The Turbulent History of Teaching

Chapter 3: Engaging Methodological Pluralism

Chapter 4: Teaching Beyond Achievement Tests: Perspectives From Developmental and Education Science

Chapter 5: The Sociopolitical Context of Teaching

Chapter 6:What Constitutes Teacher Learning?

Chapter 7: Research on Teacher Preparation: Charting the Landscape of a Sprawling Field

Chapter 8: Preparing Teachers for Teaching in and Advocating for Linguistically Diverse Classrooms: A Vade Mecum for Teacher Educators

Chapter 9: Teaching Diverse Learners

Chapter 10: Teaching Students With Special Needs in the New Millennium

Chapter 11: Teachers and Teaching in the Context of Globalization

Chapter 12: Assessment and Teaching

Chapter 13: Can Policy (Re)form Instruction?

Chapter 14: Crossings and Displacements: The Artist and the Teacher, Reweaving the Future

Chapter 15: New Roles for Teachers in Diverse Schools

Chapter 16: Research on Social Studies Education: Diverse Students, Settings, and Methods

Chapter 17: Research on the Teaching of Mathematics: A Call to Theorize the Role of Society and Schooling in Mathematics Instruction

Chapter 18: Rigor and Equity by Design: Locating a Set of Core Teaching Practices for the Science Education Community

Chapter 19: Teacher Evaluation in American Schools

Chapter 20: Teaching Literacy: Reading

Chapter 21: Teaching and Technology: New Tools for New Times

Chapter 22: Teaching World Languages: Thinking Differently

Chapter 23: Teaching Writing in a Digital and Global Age: Toward Access, Learning, and Development for All