Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers

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Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers

Conra D. Gist and Travis J. Bristol

ISBN: 978-0-935302-92-9

Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers are underrepresented in public schools across the United States of America, with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color making up roughly 37% of the adult population and 50% of children, but just 19% of the teaching force. Yet research over decades has indicated their positive impact on student learning and social and emotional development, particularly for Students of Color and Indigenous Students. A first of its kind, the Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers addresses key issues and obstacles to ethnoracial diversity across the life course of teachers’ careers, such as recruitment and retention, professional development, and the role of minority-serving institutions. Including chapters from leading researchers and policy makers, the Handbook is designed to be an important resource to help bridge the gap between scholars, practitioners, and policy makers. In doing so, this research will serve as a launching pad for discussion and change at this critical moment in our country’s history. The volume’s goal is to drive conversations around the issue of ethnoracial teacher diversity and to provide concrete practices for policy makers and practitioners to enable them to make evidence-based decisions for supporting an ethnoracially diverse educator workforce, now and in the future.

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About the Editors

Conra D. Gist is an associate professor of teaching and teacher education in the College of Education at the University of Houston. Her research focuses on understanding the various types of programs, policies, and practices that support the development and advancement of Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers in education systems. She is principal investigator of two pilot research initiatives the Community Teacher Equity Development Program and the National Center for Research on Educator Diversity—both of which are dedicated to ensuring equity and justice in teacher development systems through research-practice partnerships.

Travis J. Bristol is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a former high school English teacher in New York City public schools and a teacher educator with the Boston Teacher Residency program. His research is situated at the intersection of policy and practice and is centered on three interrelated strands: district and school-based practice that support Teachers of Color; national, state, and local education policies that enable and constrain workplace experiences and retention for Teachers of Color; and the intersection of race and gender in educational settings. His research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals, including Urban Education, the American Educational Research Journal, the Journal of Teacher Education, Teachers College Record, and the Harvard Educational Review. Bristol received dissertation and postdoctoral fellowships from the National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation and Ford Foundation. In 2021, he was awarded the Early Career Award from AERA Division K.

Publisher: American Educational Research Association
DOI Number: https://doi.org/10.3102/9780935302929
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