Inequality in Key Skills of City Youth

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Inequality in Key Skills of City Youth

An International Comparison

Stephen Lamb and Russell W. Rumberger

ISBN: 978-1-960348-02-9

This groundbreaking research volume addresses the topic of educational inequality from a global perspective. It includes 16 chapters from an international group of scholars who examine how well city school systems from around the world are preparing young people, particularly poor and minority students, with the skills they will need for further study, work, and life overall. While skills in key domains such as science, math, language, and civics have been center stage in international comparisons, there has been growing recognition of the effects that education has on the development of broader sets of capabilities such as social and emotional skills (also known as “noncognitive” or “21st-century” skills) that can affect the success of students in school and beyond. This volume aims to address the shortage of international data on the wide range of skills that students need to learn, enabling researchers to compare the types and causes of educational inequality in skills within and between cities.

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About the Editors

Stephen Lamb is professor emeritus in the Centre for International Research on Education Systems at Victoria University. He is director of the International Study of City Youth project, and his research is concerned with how well schools and education systems work, for whom they do not work well, and why. He has published across several areas, including educational inequality, school-to-work transition, the schooling of disadvantaged students, school effectiveness, and education system policy. He has undertaken a range of high-impact policy research projects for governments and school systems, both nationally and internationally, on school funding, performance of schools and school systems, and quality of school programs.

Russell W. Rumberger is a professor emeritus in the Department of Education at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has published widely in several areas of education, including education and work; the schooling of disadvantaged students, particularly school dropouts and linguistic minority students; student mobility; school segregation; school effectiveness; and education policy. He is a fellow of the American Educational Research Association and a member of the National Academy of Education.

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